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Victims of the fire

"Take a look at these miracles! I heard my dog barking to a burnt, hollow tree. I thought he was a bit crazy. you know, he's an old dog. But then I decided to take a look. Look what I've found: parrot chicks! They haven't opened their eyes yet! I think their mother was burnt or had to flew to another part because of the fires."


Curepa, a cowboy from Bolivia, saw the farm he works at almost disappear with the fires that affected the country weeks ago. People told me 'he is a tough guy. He's usually in a bad mood and doesn't talk to people. I don't think he will want to have his photo taken", but when I saw him surrounded by little cats and dogs in his house, I thought that maybe he wasn't like that.


After showing me the areas burnt by the fires, he brought a bucket with these two little guys. I don't think he is as grumpy as the others told me, as one have to be very careful to feed baby birds every day, many times a day, using a little spoon. Not all the pups and chicks whose parents died in the fires have found someone willing to take care of them. ⠀⠀


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